Minimalist Posters

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
- Albert Einstein


My Inspiration
Scrolling the vast pages of Pinterest boards, I have always loved seeing the how designers have distilled an entire movie into a minimalist poster. Using color, shapes, and simple designs they have told representative visual stories of the films and TV shows they are about. To try out a new genre I decided to take a few of the most recent shows and movies I had watched and create a poster to go with them.


Visual Strategy & Ideation
Brainstorming each movie/TV show, I began writing down key props or scenes that embodied the theme and plots. Then I began mixing the items and meanings to try and create a multifaceted design.


Design Execution
After creating preliminary sketched I used my handy Wacom tablet and Adobe Illustrator to flesh out the designs and play with color usage.


The Posters

New Girl
One of the most iconic props used in New Girl is the “Douchebag Jar.” In the TV show, every time the character Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield, says or does something that could be considered “douchebaggery” he has to put money in the jar. Since the shows introduction of the prop you can find it gracing t-shirts, stickers, and numerous blogs making it a perfect symbol to include on my minimalist poster.

The Help
This 2011 movie highlighted much of the ugliness of racial polarization in the 1960s but it also portrayed the good that still existed in the poisonous environment. One prop that was brought up many times in the film was one of the character’s famous pies that she made for her employer. After being extremely mistreated by said employer instead of verbally lashing out the maid fixed her a pie, with a healthy serving something extra, effectively making the prejudice debutant housewife eat her sh*t. As one of the most popular and hilarious scenes in the movie, I used the symbol of the pie not only to refer back to that moment but to also capture the essence of racial tension that the film’s theme presents. 

How I Met Your Mother
For this TV show there was a plethora of icons I could have used to represent the show like the ever-mysterious future mother’s yellow umbrella or blue French horn, but for this poster I decided on the ducky tie. The tie is referenced during many places in season seven and it also fit with one of the show’s themes of “family” so it was a great object to depict multiple elements of the show.

Instead of directly replicating the design of the tie which is completely filled with ducks I decided to instead only create four ducks which represent the family unit that the show is based on: the father, mysterious mother, and two kids to whom the story is being told.