Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.

Oh hey, I’m Bekah.


I am a Seattle based [Art Director, UX, VX] creative whose goal is to craft work that contributes to something other than being pretty noise in the backdrop of someone's day. I love strategic creativity, where a bunch of small pieces and decisions come together within an experience to tell a story and/or simplify a process.

Learning is my jam, be it exploring a new design and illustration style, reading books on how to craft more mindful experiences, listening to TED talks on my commute, re-learning how to ride a unicycle, or teaching myself to walk a slack-line. I am pursuing my Masters of Communication in Digital Media (specializing in UX and storytelling) at the University of Washington.

For the past five years I have gone full Pacific Northwestern (drank all that craft coffee & cider) with my husband and two hyper-active Australian Shepherds, Atlas and Ender.

As an Art Director on Amazon Advertising’s Design and User Experience team, I curate custom experiences on and off Amazon’s platforms for a variety of clients including: Adidas, Fitbit, Kellogg’s, and Dyson among many others.

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